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An electronic connector is an electro mechanical device whose purpose is to quickly and easily disconnect or interrupt a circuit path.

Connectors come in a variety of sizes, shapes, complexities and quality levels. Their function dictates their design and different features are added to adjust the ease of connection, mating type, durability, insulation between pins, etc.

Our automotive connectors are build to withstand harsh conditions of highway and off-road transportation.

Our card edge connectors and sockets support the current SDRAM and DDR memory generations and the new DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 as well as FBDIMM generations.

Many connectors used for industrial and high-reliability applications are circular in cross section, with a cylindrical housing and circular contact interface geometries. This is in contrast to the rectangular design of some connectors

    • Keyed Connectors – These are designed to connect only when they are in the proper orientation. This prevents accidental damage to the pins and prevents users from inserting them in the wrong sockets.
    • Locked Connectors – A locking mechanism ensures the connectors are held in place, preventing connections from breaking accidentally, or from shifting when the connector is bumped or jolted.
    • Hermetically Sealed Connectors – Some applications require an electrical connection which might be submerged in water.


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